Axis-REIT offers a huge range of warehouse and office space in strategic locations to suit all your business needs. Our facilities management team consists of qualified professionals from the real estate profession, including engineers, chargemen and qualified building management personnel.​

We understand the requirements of our tenants and see ourselves as your 'business space partners'. Our proven track record is an indicator of the amount of care and work we put into maintaining these relationships. ​

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Alternatively, you may call our leasing team directly at:​

Ms. Jackie Law
Head of Real Estate
Office : +603 7958 4882 (ext 8018)
H/P : +6012-216 6328
Email : jackie@axis-reit.com.my

Mr. Alvin Loo
Leasing Manager
Office : +603 7958 4882 (ext 8017)
H/P : +6012-453 7772
Email : alvinloo@axis-reit.com.my

Mr. Lawrence Loh
Leasing Executive
Office : +603 7958 4882 (ext 8016)
H/P : +6012-703 2630
Email : lawrenceloh@axis-reit.com.my

Ms. Laika
Leasing Executive
Office : +603 7958 4882 (Ext: 8025)
H/P : +6012-772 6523
Email : laika@axis-reit.com.my


Axis-REIT maintains an aggressive acquisition strategy with a focus on well-located industrial properties that have strong tenant profiles and covenants.​

We are keen to acquire properties that have:

  1. the ability to yield a reasonable return within a reasonable period of time;
  2. good potential to secure tenants; and
  3. competitiveness as well as located within good catchment areas.​

We offer strategic opportunities for businesses to focus on their core activities by divesting their real estate holdings through a sale and leaseback arrangement. This means that we will acquire properties you currently own and then lease them back to you over a long period of time. Such a move will enable your business to free up time, capital and resources while continuing to enjoy the use of your properties.

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Mr. Tan Kee Hong
Head of Investments
Office : +603 - 7958 4882 (ext 8006)
H/P : +6012 – 218 8720
Email : keehong.tan@axis-reit.com.my​

Ms. Chan Tze Wee
Senior Manager, Investments & Investor Relations
Office : +603 - 7958 4882 (ext 8008)
H/P : +6012 - 210 2312
Email : tzewee@axis-reit.com.my​​​

Built To Suit

Axis-REIT has now begun to embark on build to suit development projects which enhance the growth of the fund. Our first built to suit development was completed in 2018.

Axis-REIT entered into an agreement to build a 515,000 sq. ft. distribution center for Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd in August 2016. This marked Axis-REIT’s maiden foray into the world of property development. Construction commenced in December 2016 and was completed on time for handover in January 2018.

In November 2017 the REIT entered into an agreement to develop a built-to-suit industrial manufacturing facility for Upeca Aerotech Sdn Bhd near Subang Airport, Selangor. Construction of the facility commenced on the first half of 2018 and took approximately seven months to complete. The property was handed over to Upeca in February 2019.

Axis Mega Distribution Centre built for Nestlé

Axis Aerotech Centre @ Subang built for Upeca

Timelapse video of Axis Mega Distribution Centre construction


Mr. Tan Kee Hong
Head of Investments
Office : +603 - 7958 4882 (ext 8006)
H/P : +6012 – 218 8720
Email : keehong.tan@axis-reit.com.my​

Ms. Jackie Law
Head of Real Estate
H/P : +6012 - 216 6328
Email : jackie@axis-reit.com.my​