Axis-REIT is managed by Axis REIT Managers Berhad (the "Manager"). The Manager's primary objective is to ensure the Fund provides a regular and stable income distribution to Unitholders and ensure long-term growth in the NAV of the Fund.

Axis-REIT is now a fund with a track record of over nine years. Since its formation, we have successfully grown its size and profitability. In order to have a clear direction, we continue to keep the Fund guided by a forward-looking strategy and innovative, yet flexible, action plan. Given the current volatility in the capital markets, we feel it is important that we are vigilant so that we are able to anticipate and respond quickly to changes.

Our core strategy is:

  • Targeting growth in our asset class which is moving more into logistics and industrial asset classes, and business parks;
  • To build on our Sukuk presence in the market in order to diversify our sources of capital;
  • To continue to enhance existing assets to drive value and income;
  • To dispose assets to reward our Unitholders;
  • To embrace best practice and corporate governance as core management values;
  • To lead the Malaysian REIT Managers Association to drive Regulatory and Tax Reform;
  • To set standards as a world class asset management company;
  • To leverage on technology and sustainability.