Axis-REIT is a real estate investment trust constituted by the Deed and principally regulated by Securities Laws (as defined in Section 2(1) of the SCA), the SC Guidelines on REITs, the Listing Requirements of Bursa Securities, the rules of the Depository and taxation laws and rulings (collectively "Applicable Laws and Requirements").


The Deed was entered into on 15 June 2005 between Axis-REIT Managers as the Manager of Axis-REIT, and RHB Trustees Berhad (formally known as OSK Trustees Berhad), as the Trustee of Axis-REIT, and the Deed was registered and lodged with the Securities Commission (SC) on 16 June 2005.


Axis-REIT commenced business on the 3 August 2005 and was formed to own and invest primarily in commercial, office and office/industrial real estate. The primary objectives of the Fund are:


  • To provide Unitholders with distribution of income.
  • To achieve long-term growth in the NAV per Unit of the Fund.